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Community Development Finance Programs

Commercial Energy Renovation Loan Program

Commercial Energy Renovation Loan proceeds can be used for heating/cooling systems, windows and doors, insulation, roofing, and/or meeting ADA requirements. These are interest free loans with a maximum loan amount of $75,000.

Storefront Renovation Loan Program

The Storefront Renovation Loan program can be used for exterior remodeling, signage, awnings, and/or meeting ADA requirements. The maximum loan amount is $15,000. These loans have an annual interest rate of 3%.

Reimbursable Plan

The Thief River Falls Mortgage/Lease/Rent Reimbursable Plan was established by the Community Development Advisory Board and the City of Thief River Falls to strengthen and diversify businesses in downtown Thief River Falls.

Revolving Loan Fund

The Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) program provides financing for industrial projects with favorable terms. Loan proceeds may be used for purchasing land, construction , purchase of existing plan, rehab or expansion of leased plants, purchase of equipment, or operating capital.

C-3 Business District

The City of Thief River Falls has three finance programs to support projects in the C-3 Business District: the Commercial Energy Renovation Loan Program, the Storefront Renovation Loan Program, and the Reimbursable Plan. These loans offer very favorable terms and can be used in combination with each other.

The C-3 Zoning map shows the outline of the district. C-3 Zoning regulations and programs apply to this district. 

For additional information on the district or the financing programs, contact Advance Thief River Director Michelle Landsverk  by phone (218-280-1755) or email.

Childcare Finance Program

The Northwest Minnesota Foundation has created a Child Care Finance Program which is the result of a funding partnership with DEED. Quality child care is vitally important to everyone living in the northwest region: parents and caregivers who work or attend school, the child care sector itself, employers and of course, the children. The child care finance program was created to recognize and support the child care providers in northwest Minnesota. For more information, click here.

Minnesota Business Financing & Loan Programs

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (Minnesota DEED) offers numerous financing programs designed to help companies in Greater Minnesota retain jobs or create new jobs:

Workforce Training Grants & Programs

The Minnesota Jobs Skills Partnership works with businesses and schools to train or retrain workers, expand opportunities, and keep high-quality jobs in the region. Grants of up to $400,000 are awarded to educational institutions that partner with the region’s businesses to develop job training or retraining.

City of Thief River Falls

The City of Thief River Falls provides infrastructure and services that support the needs of business and industry.  In certain instances, Tax Increment Financing may be available for specific projects that meet eligibility requirements.

Northwest RDC

The Northwest Regional Development Commission is a GAP funder, and will often participate with private lenders, financing a portion of a project.

Northwest Minnesota Foundation

The Northwest Minnesota Foundation provides GAP financing, and will often participate with private lenders, financing a portion of a project.


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