Bringing the Fun

Steve and Ladora Dahlen started Baker Street Sales back in 2005 with a small $1,200 food vending trailer that provided food at area farm auctions. When they had a successful event, they put the money back into the business and continued to expand.

Over time, they were able to invest in bigger and better equipment and serve larger venues, including concerts and festivals.

It’s been a long journey, but Steve and Ladora have been able to combine their talents to create a successful business that is still growing. “We’re always thinking.” Steve said. “We both think alike, and that’s probably why we get along so good with one another.”

Last fall, Ladora sold her lunch wagons to one of the Dahlen’s valued employees who will continue to provide the same great food and service, but under a new business name.

With the sale of the lunch wagons, the Dahlens are focusing on growing their “Fun Bus” business and adding a new entertainment rental service. The Fun Bus is a shuttle service that provides transportation to a variety of destinations including concerts, entertainment venues, weddings, and birthday parties.

The new entertainment rental service provides everything needed to host an event, including items like outdoor tents, a large 12-foot wooden bar, a portable bar with ice tubs, margarita machines, popcorn machines, large coffee pots and a 36-inch Blackstone grill (to name a few).

“We’re going to offer setup and tear down of our tents, and most importantly, delivery and pickup of all the equipment,” Steve said. “Anything you need to make your gathering fun and easy—that’s what we’re here to do.”

Both Steve and Ladora emphasized the importance of building and maintaining good relationships with customers and employees. “It isn’t only important to build relationships,” Steve said. “You have to build a bond and friendship and earn their trust. That’s very important in anything you’re going to do in life.”

“I’ve been very fortunate to meet a lot of good people and have a lot of good staff,” Ladora added. “Employees not only work together—they have fun. I think it’s important to have fun and I believe in paying people well if they’re good. We have a strong bond. We still are all very good friends even outside of working together.”

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