Business Visitation

Advance Thief River values businesses and business owners. We’ve established the Business Visitation program as another way to support businesses in the area.

The Land of Business Opportunity

We work hard to create opportunities for new businesses to start operations here, as well as creating opportunities for existing businesses to grow.

Business Visitation Program

Advance Thief River recognizes the value of a strong business community. Nationally, over 70% of employment growth in a community comes from retention and expansion of existing businesses. Existing businesses make investments in facilities, create jobs, and provide a support network that is at the heart of a strong local economy.

The goal of the Business Visitation Program is to enhance lines of communication with the Thief River Falls, St. Hilaire, and Goodridge business communities. The program allows board members and/or staff to spend a brief amount of time learning about area businesses and how Advance Thief River could support their operations. Advance Thief River is interested in hearing about needs or problems confronting the business community and ways they can help businesses succeed. With the knowledge gained, Advance Thief River will be better equipped to address the needs and interests of area businesses.

Advance Thief River invites business owners and managers to participate in the Business Visitation Program.  For more information about the Business Visitation Program or to schedule a meeting, submit a request, using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Michelle Landsverk
Economic Development 

Advance Thief River
PO Box 773

Thief River Falls, MN 56701

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