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An Absolutely Amazing Journey

Jordan Espeseth grew up in Thief River Falls. He raced snow cross during his growing up years, right up until the age of 17, “I always thought I was going to go into snow cross professionally, but after my junior year of high school I...

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All Hands On Deck

Brenda Hamre, and daughter Avery, shared the story of BlackBarn at the March 2, 2021 TREK. BlackBarn is a new business in the Thief River Falls area. They opened their doors in November of 2020, offering a unique, rural shopping...

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Bringing the Fun

Steve and Ladora Dahlen started Baker Street Sales back in 2005 with a small $1,200 food vending trailer that provided food at area farm auctions. When they had a successful event, they put the money back into the business and continued to...

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When You Come in You’re a Friend

Kim Rosendahl talked about his entrepreneurial journey at the February 2, 2021 TREK. He moved to Thief River Falls in 2003, where he took a position at Dakota Clinic, which has since transitioned to Sanford Thief River Falls Medical...

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Drew Erickson “Rocks” TREK

Drew Erickson, owner of Solid Rock Financial, was a presenter at the January 5, 2021 TREK.  He talked about his growing up years in Thief River Falls, and the secure, stable home that his mother and father provided. "Not only did they...

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Joe Kezar’s Music TREK

Joe Kezar presented at the January 5, 2021 TREK. He has owned and operated a business in Thief River Falls since 1991. Joe has successfully navigated the many changes that have impacted the industry over the past 30 years. When asked what...

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Trusting Her Gut

The story of Lisa Robson’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1993, when her mom and Diana “Granny” Josephson bought “Lon’s Bar and Pub.” Soon after purchase, they renamed it the “Evergreen Eating Emporium.”

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Finding His Passion

All things considered, Blake Kuznia was an unlikely restaurateur. He was young and lacked experience in the food service industry. After finishing high school in Thief River Falls, he left for Duluth for a couple of years…

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Gracewin Development

Advance Thief River Director, Michelle Landsverk, interviewed Lisa Anteau of GraceWin Living, to learn about their new housing development coming to Thief River Falls. This development will increase the housing supply and provide a new...

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Fourth Generation Business

Derek and Stacy Lee are fourth-generation owners of Lee Plumbing and Heating. At the November 3 TREK, they shared the story of their entrepreneurial journey and business philosophy…

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An Entrepreneur at Heart

Terry Blacklance has been an entrepreneur since as long as he can remember, but it wasn’t until 2012 that he decided to pursue his lifelong dreams of owning his own business. Together with his wife, Tammie…

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Lees and Blacklances to Present at TREK November 3

Lees and Blacklances to Present at TREK November 3

Thief River Falls, MN—October 30, 2020: Two Rivers Entrepreneur “Kinnection,” or TREK, will host its second gathering on November 3.  While TREK’s first meeting was held online, via Zoom, the November 3 meeting will use a hybrid format—a physical gathering at River...

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“The tremendous work ethic, innovation and commitment of the people here in northwestern Minnesota is unsurpassed. Those values have always been a clear differentiator in driving Digi-Key’s growth and success within our industry.”

Dave Doherty

President, Digi-Key Corporation

“Thief River Falls has been a wonderful place to own a business.  I have received an abundance support from the other entrepreneurs in the community!  I love how it doesn’t feel like we are competing, but helping each other however we can.”

Angie Westling

Owner, Hometown Realty


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