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Advance Thief River is a regional economic development initiative, seeking to grow the economy of Thief River Falls and the surrounding communities.

A new vision for downtown

In October 2017, the Downtown Development Association finalized a community masterplan for downtown Thief River Falls.


In October 2017, the Chamber of Commerce Downtown Development Association published a community master plan that outlined desired changes for redeveloping downtown Thief River Falls, Minnesota.

The goals of the master plan are to:

  • Promote a business climate that enhances economic vitality and improves the quality of life for all residents
  • Design a unified, welcoming environment
  • Create a document that can be used for fundraising and implementation

Design, Context, Principles & Engagement

A study of the context, precedent research, and community input informed the following design principles and recommendations specific to Thief River Falls:

  1. Connect with nature
  2. Design with scale
  3. Express culture
  4. Foster innovation
  5. Create experiences
  6. Maintain and troubleshoot
  7. Create winning teams


Downtown Master Plan

Download a PDF copy of the entire plan here.

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