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Arctic Cat

Elle Ford


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Ericco Manufacturing

Aerial View of Ericco Manufacturing surrounded by agricultural land, near Viking, Minnesota Mike Sorteberg, General Manager
Phone: 218-523-5600

Evergreen Catering and Bakery

Lisa Robson
Phone: 218-683-5000


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Phone: 218-683-5583


“We are able to be involved at a global level, right here in a rural community. I think that’s one thing that people should really know and understand. We’re growing at a pace that’s really unprecedented for almost anyone in the industry. The opportunities for all of our employees are really big.”

Shane Zutz

Vice President of Human Resources, DigiKey

“I love living in Thief River Falls because there’s a human touch that I really haven’t felt anywhere else. I can tell you, as an educator, that we have the best of the best here. The people that are involved in the school have such a passion for kids.”

Josh Watne

Teacher, Franklin Middle School

“I love living in Thief River Falls because of the civic opportunities. As a young professional in this community, it’s really exciting to get involved and meet so many community members. It’s what has helped connect me to Thief River.”

Teresa Fay

Board President, Falls Under 40

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