Two Rivers Entrepreneur Kinnection

Entrepreneurship is a journey. #TREKon

We’re entrepreneurs fueled by coffee and conversation. We are focused on growing small business, strengthening the culture of entrepreneurship, and expanding the area economy.

Jana Martin, entrepreneur from Thief River Falls

Two Rivers Entrepreneur Kinnection

Partners on your entrepreneurial journey. #TrekOn

Get “Kinnected”

Two Rivers Entrepreneur Kinnection (TREK) is a monthly gathering of entrepreneurs, mentors, advisors, and others to educate, engage, and “kinnect” entrepreneurs, modeled after the 1 Million Cups initiative founded by the Kauffman Foundation. Meeting Basics

Everyone is welcome! Meetings are generally the first Tuesday of each month, 9:00 am to 9:50 am. They are open to anyone interested in hearing, supporting, and connecting with the area’s entrepreneurs. There are no attendance requirements or membership fees.

The gatherings are run by entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs. Our typical monthly meeting features a guest speaker, someone who is in startup mode or who recently started their business.  Q&A is an important part of each meeting. Occasionally, we will change things up with an outside presenter, panel presentation, or topic discussion. The one thing that will not change is our focus on entrepreneurship and desire to support area entrepreneurs.

Learn. Be inspired. Support area entrepreneurs. Strengthen our culture of entrepreneurship!


A Leather Jacket – An Entrepreneur’s Story

A Leather Jacket – An Entrepreneur’s Story

Jana Martin’s entrepreneurial journey started when she was thirteen years old. “I wanted a leather jacket, and my mother said, ‘well, you better get a job.’” There weren’t too many jobs for thirteen-year-olds in Middle River, but Jana saw a sign on the school billboard that offered $35 for mowing Woodman Cemetery.

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Fitness, Feet, Franchising

Fitness, Feet, Franchising

Tracy Handt is known around town as the local energy dealer, AKA, “healthy smoothie lady.” She and her husband, Deano, own Energy on Main. She sums up her entrepreneurial journey in three words: “fitness, feet, and franchising.

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Nurse Practitioner and Entrepreneur

Nurse Practitioner and Entrepreneur

Joeanna Larson’s entrepreneurial journey started a couple summers ago, when she helped put together wedding receptions for two of her friends. “We just had so much fun with it,” she said. “I’m like, ‘God, this is what I think I want to do as a part-time job.’”

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Small Business Help From SCORE

SCORE has the largest network of free volunteer small business mentors in the nation. No matter what stage your business is at SCORE has a mentor for you. Easily request a mentor to help you start, grow, or transition your business today!

Financial Resources

There are several financial resources available, including a variety of loans and grants, as well as angel investment. Entrepreneurs needing financing are encouraged to contact Michelle Landsverk, Advance Thief River Director to discuss their project needs. 

#TRFStrong Facebook Group

The #TRFStrong Facebook group was created at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic to help business owners support and learn from each other. It is a “closed” group, meaning that anything shared on the page is only seen by other members. 

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