When You Come in You’re a Friend

Kim Rosendahl talked about his entrepreneurial journey at the February 2, 2021 TREK. He moved to Thief River Falls in 2003, where he took a position at Dakota Clinic, which has since transitioned to Sanford Thief River Falls Medical Center.

Kim said, “I worked there until 2014 when I got this wild hair that said, ‘maybe you should do it by yourself.’”

Rehab Authority

He found an organization that lined up with well with his values and opened his own physical therapy business, Rehab Authority, in 2014.

When he started, he had one employee. Now, the business has three physical therapists, two PT assistants, two front office coordinators and a rehab tech.

Kim emphasizes the importance of relationships, saying, “when you come in, you’re a friend.” It is rare for Kim to speak to a group where he does not already know people in the room.

While Kim has never really thought of himself as an entrepreneur, he exemplifies the spirit entrepreneurs are known for by continuing to find new opportunities.

Elite Athletics

“A few years ago, I saw a great opportunity to work with Tim Berglund at the Ralph. We would work with athletes in the summer, using the acceleration treadmill, running treadmill there and then do circuit training.”

Kim now owns Elite Athletics and enjoys the additional services he is able to bring to the community through the business.

Kim’s first summer training program started with his kids and a group of their friends. The next summer grew to about 40 kids, and last summer, during the pandemic, he had 120 kids sign up for the summer training program. “Parents were just wanting their kids to do something,” Kim said.

“My goal is to keep kids from seeing the need to play ‘checkbook hockey,’ as I hear it’s called. I think there’s a big market for kids to work on fundamentals and to get better here in town instead of having to go away to do that.”

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