The Thief River area is home to approximately 6,200 households.  A large majority of residents are home owners, but there are many other housing options available, including a variety of townhome and apartment options.

Community Concierge Service

If you are considering relocating to the City of Thief River Falls, the Community Concierge is a new service that will help to answer any questions you have about the community!

Home Ownership

Owning your own home is an important part of the American Dream. There are many options for you in the Thief River area, if you would like to own your own home!

Our area realtors would be delighted to help you find a home with the features you want, in your price range. We also have buildable lots for sale, if you’d like to build your own home.

Not sure about financing for purchasing a house? Area bankers will be happy to work with you on setting up a loan. In addition, depending on your personal finances, you may be eligible for down-payment assistance, first-time home owners financing, or other financing programs.

Affordable Single-Family Homes 

Northwest Minnesota Housing Cooperative is building affordable single-family houses in Thief River Falls. For information on available houses, call Jeff Fagerstrom at 218-681-2340.


Slow Second Mortgage

Individuals constructing new, single family homes or purchasing previously unsold spec homes within Thief River Falls, Minnesota, are eligible to borrow from the Slow Second Mortgage Program. Borrowers must reside in their homes, which are eligible for homestead designation.

Download/View the Application.


Homes for Sale

View a list of Thief River Falls homes for sale on Realtor.com.

Area Realtors

The knowledgeable realtors listed on this page are available to help you find a home that meets your needs.

Housing Finance

Local Banks

Local banks are your first stop for a home loan. There are several banks to choose from in the community:


First Time Homebuyers

First Time Homebuyer (FTH) participants must meet income and program guidelines.   Funding for the FTH program is made available annually by the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency.

You want to contact a local bank for further information or possible funding through the FTH program.   If you have additional questions call 218-309-0047 or email.

Down Payment Assistance

More than 1,300 families in northwestern Minnesota have received down payment assistance through this program over the past 24+ years.

The program is for people interested in building new or buying existing homes. Low interest loans are available for qualified applicants. Visit website, call 218-309-0048 or email for more information.


In the Section 8 Homeownership program, payments go towards making a participant’s mortgage payment rather than towards rent assistance payments.  The program is open to participants who have been on the voucher program for at least one year and are on the Family Self-Sufficiency program or are disabled.

For further information about the Homeownership program call 218-637-2431 or e-mail kathy@nwmnhra.org

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