Workforce talent is the name of the game. The Thief River area is known for the quality of its workforce. A strong work ethic is embedded in our culture.

The Land of Business Opportunity

We work hard to create opportunities for new businesses to start operations here, as well as creating opportunities for existing businesses to grow.


College Educated


High School Graduation Rate


Workforce Participation Rate

Employment by Industry

Wholesale Trade
21 establishments

3,434 employees

(2016 U.S. Census)

Health care and social assistance
42 establishments

1,290 employees

(2106 U.S. Census)

Retail trade
79 establishments

1,143 employees

(2016 U.S. Census)

Accommodation and food services
32 establishments

1,083 employees

(2016 U.S. Census)

15 establishments

941 employees

(2016 U.S. Census)

Professional, scientific, and technical
18 establishments

335 employees

(2016 U.S. Census)

Other Services
54 establishments (except public administration)

324 employees

(2016 U.S. Census)


Transportation and warehousing
20 establishments

192 employees

(2016 U.S. Census)

42 establishments

146 employees

(2016 U.S. Census)

Finance and insurance
25 establishments

130 employees

(2016 U.S. Census)

5 establishments

72 employees

(2016 U.S. Census)

Administrative and support and waste
11 establishments

71 employees

(2016 U.S. Census)

Management of companies and enterprises
3 establishments

56 employees

(2016 U.S. Census)

Arts, entertainment, and recreation
10 establishments

51 employees

(2016 U.S. Census)

Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting
4 establishments

36 employees

(2016 U.S. Census)

Real estate and rental and leasing
13 establishments

34 employees

(2016 U.S. Census)

“Textron is a $14 billion company, home to globally-recognized businesses that produce thousands of products for customers around the world, in a range of industries spanning aerospace and defense to the Specialized Vehicles that are built right here in Thief River Falls under the Arctic Cat Snowmobiles and Textron Off Road brands. To maintain our position as an industry leader, we rely on the immense talent of our workforce in this area. We believe Textron’s success is born from the contributions of each person, and we seek diverse individuals who bring rich experience, skill, talent and perspective to our team.”

Craig Kennedy

VP of Snowmobiles and International Consumer Sales Corporation, Textron Specialized Vehicles

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