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Area Cost of Living 

Cost of Living (COL) scores and indexes are a way to compare the overall price of goods and services between different areas of the United States. The national average is 100, so when you look at a place’s COL Index you can instantly see how much more or less you’ll have to pay to live there.

If a place has a cost of living index of 135, then it is thirty-five percent more expensive to live there than the national average. If a place has a cost of living index of 85, then it is fifteen percent cheaper than the average for the entire country.

The biggest factor in Cost of Living is housing costs – buying a house or apartment, or renting one.

The cost of living in Thief River Falls is twenty-eight percent lower than it is in the Twin Cities.  (Source: Sperling’s Best Places). If you look at the entire county and include the cost of taxes in that analysis, the margin widens even more; the cost of living in Pennington County is thirty-seven percent lower than it is in Ramsey and Hennepin Counties (Source: Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development).

When you take those factors into consideration, along with the fantastic career opportunities and quality of life that you will find in the Thief River Falls area, you will find that there’s only one logical choice. Join Us in Thief River Falls, Minnesota!

For more information on how the area stacks up, visit the Community Information page.

“It has been very easy for me to find employment…to find housing. In my whole life, this is the first place I’ve ever been where the opportunities came so quick. The process was so fast. The people were great. There’s a lot of help out here. I am amazed.”

Nikki Russell

Administrative Assistant, Thief River Falls Chamber of Commerce

“I love living in Thief River Falls because of the civic opportunities. As a young professional in this community, it’s really exciting to get involved and meet so many community members. It’s what has helped connect me to Thief River.”

Teresa Fay

Board President, Falls Under 40

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