Employer Workshop Jan. 19

Transforming  Minnesota’s Workplaces for Economic Growth and Prosperity

On January 19, 9:00-10:00 AM, Advance Thief River will be hosting a presentation on the Center for Economic Inclusion’s Racial Equity Index. Presenters will be Jonathan Johnson and Nathan Arnosti. Jonathan is Business Development and Strategy Lead for the Center, and Nathan Arnosti is Director of Products and Analytics, also with the Center. Workshop participants will be introduced to the new Racial Equity Index and how using it can benefit their business. The session is open to all area employers. It will be offered via Zoom and there is no cost to attend. RSVP by emailing mlandsverk@advancethiefriver.com.

About the Racial Equity Dividends Index

To address the ever-present demand for change, the Center for Economic Inclusion has developed the Racial Equity Dividends Index, a comprehensive tool to help businesses measure their progress towards building racially equitable and inclusive workplaces in Minnesota.

By 2044, America will be a majority people of color nation. The deeply entrenched and widening racial and economic disparities are not sustainable and are harming all of us.

While America diversifies, a rapidly growing share of businesses are recognizing the inextricable link between diversity, inclusion, productivity, and profitability.

Yet, a much smaller share has made the meaningful investments in transforming their workplaces to embody the principles of inclusion and belonging in ways that produce dividends for their employees, shareholders, and the communities where they work and conduct business.

Corporations and businesses have a powerful opportunity to measurably embed principles of racial equity, inclusion, and belonging in the systems and structures that stimulate economic growth.

Awareness about inclusion, equity and shared accountability begins when businesses recognize the vital importance of prioritizing and advancing equity and inclusion to their bottom line – leading by actively investing in assessment practices that sustain equitable and inclusive workplaces.

What the Index Assesses

The Index assesses 37 business practices across the categories of leadership, hiring, culture, procurement, philanthropy, public policy, and products – guiding future efforts to implement racially equitable practices within business structures, among leadership and diverse teams.

Index Result Scoring

Upon completion of the Index, businesses will receive a copy of their score in the form of a customized, confidential report in 2022.

The session will be offered via Zoom and there is no cost to attend. RSVP by emailing mlandsverk@advancethiefriver.com.

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