Lean Startup Training

In partnership with the NoW Network, Advance Thief River is offering lean startup training. This high-value course is available at no charge to Thief River Falls area entrepreneurs.

Program Details

This 10-Week Lean Startup Program coaches, supports, and boosts entrepreneurs and soon-to-be-entrepreneurs on their lean startup journeys. While working on their business ideas, participants will learn and practice the skills needed to refine, explore, innovate, and develop a plan for their business ideas. Participants will connect with fellow entrepreneurs, coaches, and mentors to be a part of the Minnesota community of startup entrepreneurs.

Session Dates //
Every Wednesday from 08/31/2022 to 11/02/2022

Session Times //
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Session Location //
Online (virtual meetings)

How much does this program cost?
The training (valued at $2,500) is *FREE* to all participants. The program is subsidized through Launch Minnesota, Greater Bemidji, Advance Thief River and other members of the NoW Innovators Network.

Who is this training for?

Participants do not need any startup experience nor a fully formed idea for a startup — just ambition, motivation and grit. The 10-Week Lean Startup Program will build startup skills as participants work on their business ideas.

Am I eligible to apply to the program?
Any one from MN can apply for our virtual program. Priority will be given to founders and startups based in North West MN area. There are a limited number of seats available; the acceptance rate will be very competitive. However, if there are additional spaces, the program will consider participants outside the priority areas. We encourage you to apply regardless of your current location.



Who Should Apply

The 10-Week Lean Startup Program is ideal for teams and individuals who are just starting to shape their ideas, or have an existing product or business that they want to develop and grow like a startup. High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech business ideas, as well as non-profits are welcome. The program combines remote learning, remote collaboration, and remote coaching to help participants test and refine their business ideas. Over the 10-week period, participants will learn and practice how to:

  • Explore and refine ideas
  • Assess the market potential
  • Reduce risk
  • Validate products, customers, and markets
  • Prepare for future development
  • Prepare for investment

The course will conclude with a virtual founder showcase where teams will have the opportunity to present to regional startup community, business leaders and potential investors.

Funding for this training was provided by Launch Minnesota, a program of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

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