Lees and Blacklances to Present at TREK November 3

Two Rivers Entrepreneur Kinnection: TREK

Thief River Falls, MN—October 30, 2020: Two Rivers Entrepreneur “Kinnection,” or TREK, will host its second gathering on November 3.  While TREK’s first meeting was held online, via Zoom, the November 3 meeting will use a hybrid format—a physical gathering at River Walk Public House and a Zoom meeting for those who prefer that option.

Hybrid Format: In Person or Online

“We love the idea of getting together face-to-face,” said Michelle Landsverk, Director of Advance Thief River, “but we know that some people may prefer the online option. By giving people a choice, individuals can decide for themselves if they would prefer to attend in-person or virtually. For those who attend in-person, we will follow social distancing protocols and recommended guidelines about wearing masks when social distancing is not possible.”

What is TREK?

TREK is a monthly gathering of entrepreneurs, mentors, advisors, and others, to educate, engage, and “kinnect” area entrepreneurs. Meetings are open to anyone interested in hearing, supporting, and connecting with the area’s entrepreneurs. There are no attendance requirements or membership fees.

November 3 Presenters

November 3 presenters will be Derek and Stacy Lee, owners of Lee Plumbing and Heating, and Terry and Tammie Blacklance, owners of Fast GraphiX and U-Haul of Thief River Falls. Both presenters will tell their unique stories, explaining who they are, what they do, and why they do it.

The Blacklance’s digital printing business specializes in signs, banners, and other digital printing. Their U-Haul business serves a large portion of Northwest Minnesota. Early 2020, they purchased a new facility for the business, located at 1436 Main Avenue, N., Thief River Falls. Prior to that, they had operated the business out of their home., south of town along Highway 32.

Lee Plumbing and Heating is a fourth-generation, family-owned business. It was started in 1905 by Norwegian immigrant, Edward Lee. Edward’s son Carl purchased the business in 1952. Carl’s son Larry purchased the business in 1982, and Derek, Larry’s son, purchased the business in 2016.

More About TREK

TREK is led by Advance Thief River, a nonprofit organization with a focus on growing the area economy. “Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the bedrock of our local economy,” says Michelle Landsverk, Advance Thief River Director. “We want to do all we can to support them and nurture a culture of entrepreneurship in this community.” Additional TREK team members include Mike Barry, Kelsey Brateng, Brian Carlson, Kendall DeHaan, Beth Nelson, John Syvertson, and Angie Westling.

The November 3 TREK has been sponsored by Northern State Bank.

Visit the TREK page for more information on TREK or for the link to join the meeting.

Derek and Stacy Lee, Lee's Plumbing and Heating
Terry and Tammie Blacklance

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