Money Smart Training Starts September 17

Advance Thief River will be offering Money Smart training beginning September 17. This curriculum is designed for new or existing small business owners, and provides a practical introduction to many of the most important aspects of managing a business.

Training will be offered online in one-hour sessions and participants can register for one, all, or as many of the sessions as they wish. There is no charge for the training, but registration is required. Participants will be provided with a workbook for each session and have ability to participate in the live training, or download the session video to view at a later time if unable to attend the live session.

The curriculum includes 13 modules:

  • Banking Services–what is available for small businesses
  • Cash Flow–practical problem solving
  • Credit Reporting–what you need to know about managing your credit
  • Financial Management–understanding this critical practice
  • Insurance–choices for small business
  • Is Owning a Business a Good Fit For You–know your strengths
  • Organizational Types for Small Business–pros and cons of business structures
  • Planning for a Healthy Business–start-up from plan to reality
  • Record Keeping
  • Risk Management–as a managerial tool
  • Selling a Small Business and Succession Planning–developing an exit strategy for your business
  • Tax Planning and Reporting–understanding your taxes and your business
  • Time Management–tips to make you more efficient

The training will be led by Advance Thief River Director, Michelle Landsverk, who has had 20 years of experience in business consulting and training. She is a certified Core Four Business Planning trainer and former director of the Minnesota Women’s Business Center, where she trained, mentored, and consulted with business owners from across Northwest Minnesota. She has also owned a main street business and brings that experience with her to these sessions.


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