Come Home to Thief River Falls Campaign Launch

Thief River Falls, October 18, 2021: Advance Thief River announces the launch of a new campaign to draw former alumni back to the community to live, work, start a business, or raise a family. The campaign, “Come Home to Thief River Falls,” has two main components, a 12-page print publication which features stories of Lincoln High School alumni, and a series of videos which have been published on YouTube. The print publication is being mailed to 10,000 Lincoln High School alumni, thanks to a generous donation from the Thief River Falls Education Foundation who took care of the mailing cost and labor.

Advance Thief River has been working on the content for the campaign for several months. A steering committee helped to identify the stories that would be included as part of the campaign. “It was really difficult narrowing the list of potential stories,” said Michelle Landsverk, Advance Thief River’s director. “There were so many interesting, and inspiring stories, but we only had room for a few of them.”

People choosing to move to communities in rural Minnesota are motivated by factors beyond jobs, such as community amenities, opportunities for social life and many others. (See Greater Minnesota’s Resident Recruitment Advantage.) “The goal of this campaign is to make a compelling case for the Thief River Falls area. The people who have made a life for themselves here, who have found success, and pursued what they are passionate about are one of the most effective means of making that case,” said Landsverk.

Steering committee members included Laura Stengrim, Deidre Nordin, Kermit Genereux, Lisa Pittman, Mike Barry, and Natasha Reierson.

Click here to view all videos in the Come Home to Thief River Falls video playlist.

Click here to view or download a copy of the print publication.

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