Regional Indicators Dashboard

Advance Thief River Regional Indicators Dashboard

Advance Thief River has just published a “Regional Indicators Dashboard.” The dashboard clearly shows how Thief River Falls stacks up. It provides a set of metrics that compares the community to other Minnesota cities on vital community, economic, and social characteristics.

2020 is the first year for the dashboard. In subsequent years, the dashboard will track change on these important metrics to build long-term success and help to improve the area’s economic competitiveness.

Ten peer cities were selected based on demographic and economic characteristics, location, and evidence of competition with Thief River Falls for business or talent.

Peer cities included Crookston, Detroit Lakes, East Grand Forks, Fairmont, Fergus Falls, Grand Rapids, International Falls, Little Falls, Stewartville, and Worthington.

For each of the cities, data was collected on income, cost of living, safety, high-speed broadband, education, laborforce, diversity, and health.

Cities were ranked for each of the metrics, with #1 being the best or most favorable rating and #11 being the least favorable or lowest ranking.

Thief River Falls ranks high on many key livability features. In fact, the community had top rankings in the following metrics:

  • #1 in lowest percentage of cost-burdened households
  • #1 in workers less than 10 miles to employment
  • #1 in percent of households with high-speed broadband
  • #1 in high school graduation rate
  • #1 in percent of students participating in enrichment activities

Advance Thief River has committed to updating the dashboard annually to track changes over time and monitor progress in key areas.

Advance Thief River Director, Michelle Landsverk is enthusiastic about the dashboard. “In addition to being a great way to measure progress, the dashboard will be an excellent tool for marketing the strengths of the area and attracting people to live here,” Landsverk said.

Click here to view or download the dashboard.

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