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Here's a quick look at how Thief River Falls compares to peer cities:

  • #1 in percent of households with high-speed broadband
  • #2 in lowest weekly childcare cost
  • #2 in percent of students participating in enrichment activities
  • #2 in percent of workers earning $40,000 or more per year
  • #2 in laborforce participation rate
  • #3 in lowest percentage of cost-burdened households
  • #3 in health outcomes

Thief River Falls Regional Indicators Dashboard

The Regional Indicators Dashboard is a set of metrics that tracks Thief River Fall’s position in relation to similar Greater Minnesota cities on several important community, economic, and social characteristics.  The dashboard (first published in 2020) has been updated in 2022. In subsequent years, the dashboard will continue to track change on these important metrics, building long-term success and helping to improve the region’s economic competitiveness.

Peer cities were selected based on demographic and economic characteristics, location, evidence of competition with Thief River Falls for business or talent, and positive economic trajectory. Peer cities include Crookston, Detroit Lakes, East Grand Forks, Fairmont, Fergus Falls, Grand Rapids, International Falls, Little Falls, Stewartville, and Worthington.

More Metrics and Rankings

For each metric, Thief River Falls was ranked in comparison to its peer cities, on a scale from 1 to 11, with 1 being the most favorable ranking and 11 being the least favorable ranking.

Income and Cost of Living


Lowest Percent Cost-Burdened Households: Rank #3


People Below Poverty: Rank #4


Workers Earning $40,000 + Per Year: Rank #2



High School Graduation Rate: Rank #4


Students in Enrichment Activities: Rank #2


8th Grade Math Proficiency: Rank #5

Laborforce and Diversity


Laborforce With Some College: Rank #7


Laborforce Participation: Rank #2


Laborforce Diversity: Rank #5

Other Key Metrics


Median Rent: Rank #5


Households With High Speed Broadband: Rank #1


Weekly Cost of Childcare: Rank #2


Public Safety: Rank #7

Download a PDF copy of the 2022 Regional Indicators Dashboard.

“I love living in Thief River Falls because there’s a human touch that I really haven’t felt anywhere else. I can tell you, as an educator, that we have the best of the best here. The people that are involved in the school have such a passion for kids.”

Josh Watne

Teacher, Franklin Middle School

“I love living in Thief River Falls because of the civic opportunities. As a young professional in this community, it’s really exciting to get involved and meet so many community members. It’s what has helped connect me to Thief River.”

Teresa Fay

Board President, Falls Under 40


Michelle Landsverk
Economic Development 

Advance Thief River
PO Box 773

Thief River Falls, MN 56701

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