Childcare Grants Available

UPDATE: This grant application has closed.

Funding was awarded on a first-come/first-serve basis and has been fully awarded.

Startup Childcare Providers and Providers Adding Slots Are Invited to Apply

Advance Thief River is awarding $15,000 in grant funding which will be available for startup childcare providers or existing providers who wish to add childcare slots.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Funding is available for childcare startups. For the purposes of this application, startups include those who are in the process of starting, or who have started within the last six months.
  • Funding is also available for existing providers who are adding slots.
  • Applicants must be licensed or in the process of getting licensed.
  • Up to $1,250 is available per provider for equipment, furnishings, toys, and/or minor renovations.
  • Providers who receive grant funding must agree to stay in business for a minimum of 12 months. Should the childcare business close in less than 12 months, a pro-rated portion of the grant funds must be paid back, based on the number of months that services were provided.
  • Childcare providers located within the Thief River Falls school district (ISD 564) are eligible to apply.

Application Form

Please fill out and complete the application form, below. Questions about the form or eligibility should be directed to Michelle Landsverk, or 218-280-1755.

Additional Childcare Financing

Additional financing is available through Northwest Minnesota Foundation’s Childcare Finance Program. Forgivable loans, up to $5,000 per provider are available.

Visit the Northwest Minnesota Foundation website for more information.

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